Western Union Telegraph Co.  
49 Geary Street, San Francisco  18xx something to 1987    

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bb_wu4.JPG (57349 bytes) 

Inside Sky Valley Earth Station - 1984 or 85. That's a 24 or 25 year old Barry. 

wu_sky2.JPG (59373 bytes) 

Inside Sky Valley #2

wu_sky3.JPG (40460 bytes) 

Outside Sky Valley #1

wu_sky4.JPG (46479 bytes)

Outside Sky Valley #2



wu_patch.JPG (50360 bytes) That's me again around 1983.  This is an old ASB (analog switch board) for the GE TCS600 Microwave/Satellite system where the base-group terminates (this was taken during a conversion project) I disliked the +7/+7 TLP boards with the padding BEHIND the jack and in FRONT of the channel.  You cannot know the final output level in this configuration -  use a SLVM lately?



wu_swb2.JPG (71090 bytes)  These are old DSB (digital switch boards) for various low speed digital circuits using 310 jacks (and some Bantam - mostly F1/F2 stuff) Who remembers 13589 at 2025hz space/2225hz mark or 13588 at 1075hz space and 1250hz mark?

wu_wnr.JPG (49127 bytes)  Another type of DSB but we called it Class D data and the boards were called  "WNR" or wire-n-repeater My Mentor TA/TFQ aka Capt. Electron taught me everything and I became a king on these systems.  How bout a 12260-A or Vector 884-1 - Tim? Maybe DLT's?  Man I really miss this central office and it's 100+ history.


 Barry at his desk 1987 (notice the pocket protector)


wu_hl.JPG (47461 bytes)

  May 1987 - Gotta love HotLine (Phillips UPC500 switch)

wu_hl2.JPG (57417 bytes) 

 Inside a Phillips UPC500


wu_jas.JPG (43064 bytes)  Long time friend Jim Sevilla (with Don Henry behind him)

wu_rick.JPG (47823 bytes)  Another friend and manager, Rick Graves (Management is NOT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE EQUIPMENT). (that's me behind him during a cut-over).

wu_main.JPG (46890 bytes)  Mainstreet WUTCO  TFQ On the left are the M28 teletypes we used to communicate with other offices (in the days before email).  W100 aka Transcontinental Flash Order Wire aka the BS wire.  You can see the 8/16khz radio gear on the left.

wu_meter.JPG (28295 bytes)  Old Weston 60mil current loop meter - still used in 1987 (great fun "setting free" Pacific Bell testers who did not know about 110volt DC circuits)

wu_wiltron.JPG (55647 bytes)  Modern Wiltron Analog Signaling test board (who remembers FTS???)

wu_id.jpg (19419 bytes)  Let me see your ID!